About Us

our history

how it was

Memphis Youth Athletics (MYA) was started in 2014 with the help of Marty Sonnenfeldt and Knoxville Youth Athletics. The focus of MYA is to develop the sport of cross country and track in the Memphis & Mid-South area and to encourage kids to live a healthy lifestyle.

MYA encourages kids of all abilities to take their first steps towards an active lifestyle through Memphis Youth Athletics programs. Our management team will provide the foundation for young athletes to further their competitive aspirations in the sports of Track & Field and Cross Country.

our mission

Fun, Fitness, & Finish-lines!!

Our mission is to provide instructional programs and events to help to develop the basic motor skills of running, jumping and throwing–skills that are the foundation for development in any sports or fitness activity.  Memphis Youth Athletics programs provide opportunities for kids in both developmental and competitive programs. By managing, supporting and funding area youth track & field, cross country and running programs, Memphis Youth Athletics seeks to establish a platform for enhancing each child’s personal fitness and athletic aspirations.  Fun, Fitness and Finish Lines.

our affiliations

Partnering with the Best

Memphis Youth Athletics is a member of USA Track & Field and the AAU.

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