Elementary School Track & Field

Spring Elementary School Track & Field Program

Our Elementary School Spring Developmental Track Program runs from March to May. The season consists of 4-5 regular season meets and 1 championship meet.  Events included are 100m, 1600m, 400m, 800m, and 200m races (run in that order) plus long jump, high jump, & shotput.  Athletes may compete “unattached” or with a school based team.  Volunteer coaches are needed to coach school based teams.  Coaches can include school PE teachers, parent coaches, or other volunteers at their Elementary School, Middle School or in their community. In most cases, this ‘team’ is considered a school club, supported by the parents and PTSOs.  MYA will serve as your meet director and facilitator during the developmental season. We do not hold practices nor train athletes during this part of the season. If your school does not have a program and you would like one, then we can help get you started! Everyone is welcome, whether your school has a program or not, you are homeschooled, or just love to run!!

Athletes will be randomly assigned to heats of their entered events for the first Developmental season meet.  At subsequent meets, including the championship meet, athletes will be assigned to heats of each entered event  based on their previous times (seeded). We will find a competitive heat for each athlete, regardless of their ability or experience with the sport. Depending on the number of athletes per event, these races could be mixed (boys and girls) or single gender.

Memphis Youth Athletics Elementary School Track & Field

  • Fees: $40 per athlete for the season
What Your Track Fees Cover

To help offset the costs of the facility, track season registration fees will be on average $40 per athlete for the season.  Your registration fee will be the same whether you run one meet or all meets.

  • Facility rental, usage, and clean up
  • Event insurance and liability insurance for coaches
  • Practice Insurance
  • Parking/Security representative at all meets
  • Bib or hip numbers (pins for bibs)
  • Awards
  • Fluids and cups at meets
  • Timing equipment and supplies
  • Officials, Clerk of Course, Timer
  • Track Supplies – marking/flagging/finish line
  • PA system

Date Meet Meet Location General Meet Info MYA Meet and Travel Info/Meet Sign Up
4/8/2023 MYA #1 Houston TBA coming soon….
4/15/2023 MYA #2 Bartlett TBA
4/22/2023 MYA #3 Bartlett TBA
4/29/2023 MYA #4 Bartlett TBA
5/6/2023 MYA Championship TBA TBA

Program Contact Information

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