Memphis Fall Track Classic

The Memphis Fall Track Classic is presented by Memphis Youth Athletics and provides an end-of-season competitive opportunity for local and regional runners to test their cross country fitness on the track!

2020 Results


Saturday November 14th, 2020

Meet Director:

Nick Dwyer



Christian Brothers High School (Tom Nix Stadium)


Elementary, Middle, and High School:    $30 per runner
Register HERE
*High School race entries need a verifiable time.

Open Races (Limited to the top 40 fastest entries per gender):    $30 per runner
Registration Closed

Registration Deadline: November 8th, 5pm


Athletes and coaches can pick-up athlete bibs at the check-in table at facility entry. All individuals entering the facility will be required to wear face masks.



4:00pm Elementary School Girls 800m (Heat 1)

4:05pm Elementary School Girls 800m (Heat 2)

4:15pm Elementary School Boys 800m (Heat 1)

4:20pm Elementary School Boys 800m (Heat 2)

4:30pm Middle School Girls 1600m (Heat 1)

4:40pm Middle School Girls 1600m (Heat 2)

4:55pm Middle School Boys 1600m (Heat 1)

5:05pm Middle School Boys 1600m (Heat 2)

5:20pm High School Boys 3200m (Heat 1) – Pacer: Ben Bruce (~2500m @ 9:00 pace)

5:35pm High School Boys 3200m (Heat 2)

5:55pm High School Girls 3200m – Pacer: Craig Nowak (~2500m @ 10:45 pace)

6:15pm Men’s Open 5000m Heat 1 – Pacer: Ben Bruce

6:35pm Men’s Open 5000m Heat 2 – Pacer: Craig Nowak

7:00pm Mixed 5000m – Pacer: Tripp Hurt

7:25pm Women’s Open 5000m – Pacer: Billy Cvecko

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Event Size and Schedule: Event sections will be limited to 15-20 athletes and sections will be separated by enough time to facilitate social distancing.

Facility Entry: We will have controlled entrances for staff, officials, and athletes where we will take temperatures using a touchless infrared thermometer upon entry into the facility. Prominent informational signs will be placed at the entrance to state that masks are required to enter the facility. These signs will also state that individuals should not enter the facility if they are sick or have symptoms. In accordance with CDC guidelines, anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be allowed inside the stadium. This includes athletes, who will then not be allowed to compete. Also, in order to enter, all athletes, coaches, staff, and personnel will need to fill out a one-page symptom survey and a liability form upon facility entry.

Face Masks: Event staff and officials will be required to wear face masks during the event. Athletes will be asked to wear face masks when in the competition facility but not while warming-up, competing, or cooling-down.

Sanitation: We will set up sanitation stations at the entrance and in warm-up areas. Prominent informational signs will be placed in high traffic areas to promote frequent hand washing using the sanitation stations.

Social Distancing: At the check-in area, markings of 6-foot increments will be placed on the ground to ensure social distancing. We will not have concession stands at the event and athletes should bring any food or drinks they need during the competition. The event will take place in a public park.

Spectators: Parents and coaches will be allowed to enter the facility but will not be allowed on the track. Spectators will have to either stay in the stands or around the fence surrounding the track. All non-competing individuals will be required to wear masks while in these areas.

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